Increase the performance of your applications by more than 50%

Performance Optimisation as a Service for Java web applications running on AWS

What’s Performance Optimisation as a Service?

    Our machine learning-driven performance optimisation will increase the speed of your applications by at least 50%

    Understand exactly how much load your applications can take, and provision them with pinpoint precision to meet your performance SLAs

    More of your users will get more out of your applications, more of the time

    Test and optimise application builds in a matter of hours; maintain stack hygiene without compromising on delivery speed

    Java version update? OS security patch? Skipjaq your applications whenever one of your software providers makes a change outside of your control and ensure there’s no performance regression

    Say goodbye to guesswork - pay for the cloud infrastructure you actually need - and no more

    Before Skipjaq, optimising the performance of a Java web application was a frustratingly difficult, time-consuming, and uncertain business. Performance experts were almost impossible to find, and even harder to hire. That’s why most Java web applications running on AWS today have never been optimised — a reality we’re here to change.

    Skipjaq is the first company to deliver Performance Optimisation as a Service for Java web applications running on AWS. Our automated platform speeds up targeted applications by at least 50%, and delivers uniquely actionable insights regarding the baseline and peak performance of your applications.

    Your users will be happier and more productive, and you get to spend less time worrying about damaging outages and more time focusing on the innovative line-of-business applications you got into this job for in the first place.

    The Skipjaq Workflow

    How Skipjaq will help you become the Chief Performance Officer for your company

    Use AWS’ IAM role functionality to connect your Skipjaq and AWS accounts quickly and easily
    Automatically scan for and expose services/VPCs in the AWS region of your choice
    Create a custom test-plan based on real workflows followed by users of your application

    No black boxes here: start the optimisation cycle and watch graphs populate and dials spin as the Skipjaq platform reports metrics in real-time (or go and make yourself a cup of tea — your choice)
    Get results to analyse in a matter of hours — compare the performance of the configuration surfaced by Skipjaq against your original or ‘baseline’ configuration; drill down into metrics like latency, transactions per second, CPU and memory usage
    Re-provision your application using your Skipjaq-powered insights; export your new and powerful configuration as a JSON file, or use our API to retrieve it through your configuration management tool of choice

    Upcoming Events

    You can also occasionally find us in the 'real world' (whatever that is).

    Devoxx Poland

    21–23rd June 2017 — Kraków, Poland

    The world largest Java conference is back in Poland and we’re proud to announce that our very own CEO, Rob Harrop will be presenting his talk ‘load test like a pro’ on June 21st. So if you want to learn more about how to load test systems using JMeter, make sure to head over to room 4 at 2:00 pm. Tickets for this event are selling out fast so get booking!

    AWS Summit London

    28th June 2017 — London, UK

    As specialists in optimising applications running on AWS, we’re super excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting at this free, one day conference. Whether you’re thinking of moving, have already moved, or just curious about the AWS platform, this is one event you don’t want to miss. Pop by our stand for a free demo and grab yourself some SKIPJAQ goodies. Hope to see you there.