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The need for speed

Companies that transact online have been aware of the link between performance and business success since the early days of the web. But how much extra speed do you need to make a difference to your revenues? And how fast is fast enough? Get the insights via our free whitepaper.

Q: How much faster do you need your pages to load to increase customer ‘conversions' by ~2%?

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Why fast matters

Results that transform businesses

SKIPJAQ's approach to turbocharging website performance is based on proven technology that gets better and better every time it's used.

Above we list some of the recent improvements to ‘95th %ile latencies' we've achieved for our customers (these latencies are the painfully slow response times which typically send your online audience running for the hills)

There's no telling how much faster you could go - until you give us a chance to give your system wings

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Read about website and application performance, the art of transacting online, the mathematics of SKIPJAQ, startup life and more on our award-winning blog (okay, it hasn't won any awards yet, but these things are so political)

How page load times are affecting your A/B tests

Back in 2014, a team made up of employees from Microsoft, LinkedIn and SW Jiaotong University wrote a paper presenting seven rules of thumb they had extracted from their experiences conducting thousands of online experiments. These rules of thumb are solid gold for anybody who is involved with A/B testing or generally experimenting with a website, and I strongly recommend you read Adrian Colyer’s write-up of the paper published earlier this week.

By Rob Harrop | September 28

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