Meet the team

Hi. We’re the team at SKIPJAQ, and this is our page. Scroll on down to see what we all look like (sort of), what we do for the company, and which office we work from when we’re not taking up space in a coffee shop somewhere.

Want to know more about what SKIPJAQ does? Then you’ll need to start from the beginning. We’re a pretty diverse bunch here at SKIPJAQ - we speak - and code - in a lot of languages; we’re into books, films, television shows, social sports, board games, tech wizardry of all kinds, GIFs, pubs, and international travel.

What do we all have in common? We’re all searching for the answer to that eternally vexed question: what shall we have for lunch? Interested in swelling our ranks? Then this is what you need.

  • Rob Harrop
    Chief Executive Officer
    Rob Harrop is on a mission to enable all companies to track, test, and optimise application performance without the need for expert knowledge. When he’s not considering how best to tune the myriad workloads generated by SKIPJAQ customers, he’s thinking hard about how to pass the optimisation burden onto machines that learn - or trying to convince enterprises that ‘non-functionals’ like performance, security, and reliability are now as important for profitability as progressing with their product roadmap.

    Rob is well known as a co-founder of SpringSource, the software company behind the wildly-successful Spring Framework. At SpringSource he was a core contributor to the Spring Framework and led the team that built dm Server (now Eclipse Virgo). Following the acquisition of SpringSource by VMware, Rob co-founded and served as the CTO for finance startup, Bamboo (2011-2015) - but his pedigree as a founder and CTO goes back much longer - he co-founded Cake Solutions, a boutique IT consultancy based in Manchester - at the tender age of 19.

    A respected author, speaker and teacher, Rob regularly writes and presents on large-scale systems, cloud architecture, functional programming, effective load testing and understanding application performance. His published works include the highly-popular Spring Framework reference “Pro Spring”, and “Pro Jakarta Velocity”, one of the only guides to utilising the power of the Velocity template engine ever written.
  • Henry Brown
    Director of Operations
    Henry’s role as Director of Operations at SKIPJAQ sees him working closely with CEO Rob Harrop to drive growth, develop crucial policies and procedures, forge commercial relationships with partners, and oversee critical financial and HR decisions. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Henry has also got stuck into the current SKIPJAQ sales drive and works closely with SKIPJAQ’s Customer Success team.

    Henry joined SKIPJAQ fresh from a four and a half year stint as Founder, CEO and Director at consumer finance startup Bamboo, where he was instrumental in developing the business from concept stage, setting the strategic direction and building the management team.

    Previously, Henry was Group CFO of Kelso Partners Limited, a private investment firm and holding company for both established and growth stage financial services and digital media businesses. In this role, Henry worked in, or closely with, the senior management teams of a range of businesses across the financial services sector, including a £7bn balance sheet mortgage lender, a market-leading mortgage sourcing software company, and a specialist commercial mortgage lender.

    He started his career in investment banking and since then has over 15 years of experience working in the venture capital environment both as an investor and in various senior management roles in growth stage companies. Beyond the financial services sector, Henry has worked extensively with companies in the technology, media and medical technology sectors both in Europe and the US.
  • Doug Borland
    VP of Engineering
    Doug is VP of Engineering at SKIPJAQ and is responsible for running the company’s incredible engineering teams in both London and Southampton. Doug also has extensive experience in leading geographically-distributed customer support teams, and has taken it upon himself to ensure that each and every SKIPJAQ customer attains maximum value from the platform - and that along the way the experience is an enjoyable one!

    Prior to joining SKIPJAQ (as one of its first employees), Doug held the role of Global Support for Mobility Products at Pega Systems (2013-15). Before this, Doug was a Senior Director (again running Global Support) at Antenna Software, which acquired him when it bought Volantis in 2011. Doug has been part of senior management teams handling acquisitions on multiple occasions.

    Doug’s engineering background includes 12 years as a C++ and Java developer, and his projects included the development of a Network Management platform subsequently acquired by Microsoft. Doug’s dual engineering and customer support-driven philosophy makes him an extremely customer-centric VP of Engineering, not to mention a huge asset to the SKIPJAQ management team.
  • Colin Myer
    Head of Marketing
    Colin is an experienced consumer and b2b technology PR person who leapt at the chance to take up a wider marketing role at SKIPJAQ. His influence on the company’s messaging, ethos, tone, and look and feel may be seen across SKIPJAQ’s output - from its website to its social media feeds to its product and beyond.

    Prior to joining SKIPJAQ Colin was a stalwart at Diffusion PR where he rose through the ranks, starting as an Associate Campaign Executive and finishing as a senior Campaign Director. Colin led several notable campaigns for Diffusion, including one for mobile network testing company Global Wireless Solutions, which was a Finalist for the PR Week Awards 2015, and one for 3D printing company CEL, which won Best Technology Campaign at the PRCA Awards 2015, and a Certificate of Excellence from the EMEA 2015 In2 SABRE Awards.