We give your system the ultimate speed boost by configuring your stack

Most of the computer code that determines your online performance wasn’t written by your company - and isn’t controlled by your company.

Operating system Web server Runtime Your code

Businesses that transact online build web applications (typically consisting of website and mobile app front-ends—the parts their customers see—and services that make sure information ends up where it’s supposed to), but they run those applications on top of layers of code built by third parties. These layers of code are often described as an application’s ‘stack’.

When businesses want to improve or fix their online performance, they almost always focus on the code they’ve built - even though it only represents a small percentage of the total code that determines their results.

The stack is where most of the code and most of the opportunity for performance optimisation resides; that’s why we target our customers’ stacks with our solution in order to get them the ultimate speed boost they need to transform their revenues.

SKIPJAQ performance optimisation is powered by machine learning

Optimising the performance of an application’s stack can’t be done ‘by hand’

The application stacks of online businesses contain many settings that can be tuned in a bid to improve app performance. However, each of these settings has a wide range of possible parameters, there is no intuitive relationship that tells you what a change to a given parameter will do to an application’s performance, and any change to one setting is likely to have a knock-on effect on multiple related settings. As a result, optimising application stacks is an extremely complicated business. If you were to try and do it by hand, it would take you many lifetimes just to simultaneously optimise 3-4 settings.

With SKIPJAQ, you can now optimise more than 50 settings simultaneously. We’ve developed an engine that uses advanced machine learning techniques to find a performance-enhancing configuration for your application automatically, and in a matter of hours, rather than days, weeks (or lifetimes). The algorithms we’ve developed are able to quickly and effectively ‘home in’ on a configuration for your stack and take your business from ‘just surviving’ to ‘thriving’.

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We get you fast and we keep you fast

Once you’ve optimised your systems, you need to stay optimised to make sure that you’re never losing out on revenue

Optimisation Continuous performance testing Load model creation

We’ve designed the SKIPJAQ platform so that our users can slip seamlessly into a cycle of performance testing and optimisation. We’ll track your visitors and automatically update our model of your ‘load’ whenever your audience changes.

You will then use that load model to test the performance of your system, and you can automatically trigger performance tests to coincide with your release schedule; whenever we detect a performance regression you’ll be prompted to optimise the application we tested and restore its revenue-generating potential once again.

With SKIPJAQ, performance testing and optimisation can finally become part of Continuous Delivery culture; we don’t just make your web-applications faster, we make sure they stay fast - even as your code and audience change day-to-day and hour-to-hour.

SKIPJAQ is a self-service product

We’ve put our powerful machine learning engine at your disposal

SKIPJAQ is software-as-a-service. Once you’ve created an account with us you and/or your colleagues can jump onto our platform via a web browser, ‘add’ the applications you want to optimise, and get your first results in a matter of hours.

You’ll also be able to use our platform to test the performance of as many applications and application services as you want, keep track of your optimisations, and effectively guard against performance regressions that threaten your bottom line.

We’ve built an incredibly powerful machine learning engine, and put it at the heart of an incredibly easy-to-use platform that allows you to take back control of application performance.